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Seems strange that I would have posted in this journal and yet not mentioned important things.

1. I have a new boyfriend - newish actually we met 19/10/08 and each day with him is a pleasure. I can be myself and be comfortable with it. I love his family, his mum is wonderful. In fact she has me on a diet. As of today I have lost 7lbs in 3 weeks. YAY

2 I am back at university, and looking to nbe graduating in July... finally.

3 Still working where I am (Not allowed to mention where, had to sign a memo. blargle to that.

4. I have a new laptop. its a Dell inspiron, 3gb mem, vista, 250gb hdd. thats more than enough for me.

5 I am hoping to go into teaching, maybe for my university, maybe somewhere else.

Lastly yesterday I went out to lunch with my best friend and her hubby and adoreable little boy. I enjoyed seeing them. I hadn't seen them since october, which was NEVER my intent. I have made plans to see them againin two weeks hopefully this will happen.

I was very nervous, I will admit, I didn't kn ow how everyone would react to each other, i.e. John, my boy who was also there. It all seemed to go well, and John liked my friends and didn't mind that the youngest member of the group wasn't having a good time of things.

Also, yesterday I saw mY uncle who is in usual form. I also saw my aunt, unfortunatly she has injured her ankle butit should heal with a little rest. She seemed to be in good form, but unfortunately john was getting tired due in part to all the travelling, but mostly because of my Uncle's heating system which makes Jamaica look cool.

Other than all this Things are getting better.


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