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If this ceases to make sense, blame it on being suddenly ill!

It has come to my attention over the last two weeks that there are a few people in my social circle who do me no good at all, and mostly it is conversations with [ profile] madkingludwig and [ profile] smhstar82 that i have listened to people who don't have the best of intentions for, whether it is in regards to my private life, my hobbies, my familial relationships, anything. [ profile] madkingludwig has pointed out though i am not sure iff it is in so many words, that I surrounded myself with drama queens that mentally haven't left 10th grade, and because of this, I am wallowing and procrastinating my life in 10th grade mode, and I do not need this.

It came to my attention loud and clear on Wednesday when I didn't see mike and had just seen a woman run over. I panic because i care. I would rather panic than be apathetic, so yes I was silently worrying over the is he dead, question. Turns out he was sick, and the day before he had no net connection. Anyhow. I ended up with his ex and she was sayig spiteful stuf i should never have been hearing in the first place. Anyway's it appears I have majorly hurt my boyfriend. And so there is repair work though he says there are no real problems. My whole trust issues is goingto be examined for problems and fixed like a damn computer. Anyhow I have deleted and blocked the bitch, esp. when i found out her BS was hysterically funny.

So i am guessing the one good part of the idiocy and lunacy it that both [ profile] smhstar82's and [ profile] madkingludwig's Guidance and ears to listen (though one is more eyeballs to see with) has taught me that if I rise (and by god will I) above the childishness, and value my intuition and expperience thigs will be calmer and smoother for myself and others. SEE I HAVE LEARNT THINGS

Other news i had an interview to do with how well or not the university is doing. I pointed out that for a department specialising in the English language and the various forms it is used to communicate the department is beyond lacking with their own communique. On the plus side I had nothing but wonderful things to say about exam provisions and The psychology department. Both are above my expectations if the truth be told.

I am booking an appointment with Caxton house tomorrow, they are my universities disability and dyslexia department, to talk over the provsions I am supposed to have for my dyslexia per my LEA's agreement. I have been so busy making sure i have a roof over my head, keeping my grades up and having a little fun with friends I have neglected myself. I also have to prove to my bank that i am still an undergraduate o they will close my account down (bastards), buy and generic printer cartridge, and also go to the council with approximate igures for my dad's DLA. So tomorrow is mostly travelling an phone calls, Oh and i also have to have words with my LEA per the continuing strike action and also the DSA requirements. So a rather busy friday, full of crap. Except one phone call.

I was talking to [ profile] smhstar82 and she mentioned that for her wedding on april 7th she still doesn't have a dress. I have offered a womans view and said i was perfectly free on Saturday to help, lets face it few men know what a bias cut is, or the difference between A line and empire is and what suits what woman, I feel that maybe the one thing we might be born with! So I am waiting for a phone call tomorrow from [ profile] smhstar82 to see if we can meet or if I am 'wanted' if not wednesday should be fine, It would be nice to go shopping though. I have actually a little money to use. (No More depressed Angie!


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