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Well I am planning my dissertation and I have a clear idea of where it is going. That marks a huge changing point, I need a shit load of research into the psychology of gender, I am certain I can find this in the next 3 weeks (One week after that I it is due, and I am looking to use a week to tidy.)

The hell I speak of is non gratious neighbours. Yes they of the frat style partying. In fact the partying is going so well, the water in a cup on the opposite side of the room from the shared wall between me and the frat assholes, and the water is sloshing around with the thumps being experienced. That and the death thrash metal idiotic NOISE I am enduring.

When does htis stop.


Dec. 13th, 2006 04:14 am
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Why are essays so damn long to write?? Why do they take so long as well. I can write 20,000 words in amonth in fiction, but it has taken me three weeks to get to 1,500 in a psychology essay. Is this doomed to be it? Writing essays that take an age. I would much rather write ficion.


Oct. 25th, 2006 11:49 am
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I am in the LRC - Learning resource Centre, for those less informed among those reading - and I, quell suprise, am bored. who would have thought that the seminar I had turned up for wouldn't occur, I missed the class purely through over-sleeping (I had, to be honest done a 24 hour day the before so over sleep is fairly justified correct?) I got up and got in around quarter to 10 at which point I decided the best thing todo was to eat.

The cathas been a little unwell and out of sorts, enough to hide herself behind the television, she worries me and at her age (19) I suppose I have every rightto be, she will die and to be honest it is one of those thoughts I really do not want to think about just yet.

So Yes I am sat in the LRC, with a non ergonomic keyboard, making my wrists ache like you would never believe, running a computer based on Windows NT (2000) and if I though XP sucked this is worse, slow and damnable, and just blocky. I know we had to go through this stage, but surely updating the memory, and the Operating System, after five years, and fuck knows how many users, would be a sane rational idea (I mean there are no start up programs and it takes a freaking age something my laptop certainly doesn't and it has a few on start up type programs to sift its merry way through, and yes I am actually sick enough to have looked up the colour bit (16, instead of my usual and very lovely 32) For RAM it still tells you in KB which makes it look like a lot, but it is running on 260MB of the stuff, which seems to say to me, look look I have two mem chips and oooh, they were the best then,but you guys have waaay better now. I am just frustrated with this system and missing my old one.

Other news, I have been spending a lot of time talking with Wayne in the US (South Kansas to be precise) I admit he is one of the few people I don't feel ashmaed of crying around, I always end up feeling bad around others, but he is really a shoulder I can lean on, someone I can text and *huggle* I hope someday to meet him. He is definately one of the good guys a real teddy bear (He will smite me fo writing that. It is weird how those far away can easily become part of an inner circle, when they turn out to be better at sifting through your psyche than yourself.
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yep I managed to have my work copied, I said one page he copied almost if not all of it. I am angry at myself for being taken advatage of. I will never let this happen again.

I have let my tutor know, I hope I don't have to change my project because of it. I also hope that he doesn't plagerise, but people do odd things in the name of getting good grades.

I can live and hope huh.


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