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Bitchfest alert! When is Microsoft (aka microshaft) going to admit to leaving dilapidated code in its Vista software - without a patch to fix it? I am currently experiencing BlacK Screen Of Death (KSOD) which is where an MS or any other update disrupts the OS Code and renders it to itself as a pirated copt OS - and whose idea was it to launch such a fragile OS to begin with?

There are three options for me - New OS which at over £100 is out of my budget - it is more than I get in assistance to survive on for a fortnight. 2. try and hit the registry up with my other half and try and attempt to fix it or three, throw in the towel and use Ubuntu for the rest of my life get a second HDD reformat that to FAT32 and then copy all files on my current HDD to it so it works.

Life is never easy and I am sincerely considering a move to MAC products and saving up for it. Purely because I have never heard of such lunacy - not only that, but Mac is easy and simple and intuitive to utilize - microsoft like to over complicate shit - I am angry in ways I have never been before. At least I have an answer as to why it is happening - if not a solution!

*Note my emoticon is of Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica - if you did not know) Leaning over Leoben Conoy ad stabbing him to death with, I like to think a tuning fork  - more pain that way. This exactly exemplifies my anger towards Microsoft!


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