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Today I spent a lot of time soul searching. Which, for the most part is what I have been doing for the past few months. Today was a lot more concerted.

I have finally worked out the sectors that interest me;
  • Admin, business, clerical and management
  • Social work and related - specialising in disability/women and children and Homelessness and mental health
  • Information Technology
  • Media
  • Business
  • Human resources 
  • Publishing
So following on from this I found a more specific career and Jobs book that gave me an idea of places to look for jobs for different sectors and job areas.

So here is the more extensive list;

Business Administration

Personal Assistant


website: mostly local papers and online at various (would have been the book)

Call/Contact Centre

General websites are;

Civil Service
This is basically government and local authority jobs
email -

Print Industry (especially Office Jobs and Proofreading)


Welfare Advice Work
and also to look up NACAB

Human Resources


The above list doesn't include the writing I wish to do, and trust me on this - I have plenty to say and say it I will, I will no longer sit and allow yet another dream die because I refuse to believe in myself on the basis of what someone who never paid attention to me has said - I have alerts and connections for calls for submissions and I may be able to swing starting a portfolio together - but I really want to have a steady job going first, whilst building it, and set some money aside to start a creative writing masters course at Birkbeck university (I am certain I can get in - with a few examples of writing ) or even via the LSJ (London School of Journalism)

There are also websites for me to go look up - email:
and to also look at the writers and artists handbook. (which looks like even more investigation. Cool)

So all in all, I have a lot more focus - a lot more direction and a lot more research and information to pick up some actual job apps and perhaps contacts. I feel a lot more confident about everything from a career in Business to a career in Writing (which has been a dream since I was 15 - It will happen)


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