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First off some back story. A Dog's breakfast is an independantly made film (i.e. at the time of shooting there was zero studio involvement) made By David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis' Dr. McKay) and his fiance Jane Loughmanmade in the hiatis one January. With them they borrowed people from both stargate show's both cast and crew, who deferred payment. Their 'premier' as usual was in LA, however they put together a screening in London, the day before a major convention. Also present were Kate Hewlett (Sister to David, both in the film and real life and John Lenic, who i a producer both for the film (as is Jane) and also for Stargate. MGM (current owners of Stargate and one of many studio's approached by Hewlett and Loughman)has picked up the movie to be distributed in either dvd, television and/or new media. A spoof television show in the film itself as a concept been picked up by Universal for a possible pilot on its sci-fi channel. One more note... When tickets went on sale for the screening, us squirrels as we are affectionately known, managed to crash an entire server. I guess that might be the definitionj of fervid fandom!

And now for the report...

I managed not only to get autographs, but apparently I managed to make Kate's blog as the nice woman she promised to give an autograph to, but was unable due to relatives swamping her at the 4pm Screening. However, I was sneaky. I waited around to see if there was going to be spares (some people get sick) there were to so me and a wonderful Italian girl, Fede, managed to get to see it a second time (Didn't lose any of its funny the second time and I wanna see it again!!!!)

The Q&A was wicked fun, everyones questions at both screenings were different and interesting. At the first screening I had my hand raised for a question when they realised they were out of time. I shrugged when Jane apologised, that is after all life, and at the time I was not thinking about the second screening as I hadn't a ticket at the time.

After siting through the second screening (no hardship there) the second Q&A session started I spent a few questions wracking up nerve to ask mine when I lent forward and Jane noticed me. Mouthing to me that she recognised who I was and that I was now next I begn panicking, oh only just a little. When the time came, Jane mentioned that seeing as I had missed out the first time I was next I mentioned that not only had the screening been my get out of class pass (Basically who wants to sit through a class imaginatively titled 'Cognitive Science' when David and cohorts are about???) and then I asked my question. I would mention my question, but that would give away a significant portion of the film, sorry.

After the Q&A, there were autographs for those not going to the convention I managed to secure Kate's first, she was as nice as she comes across on her blog. Then I managed to secure Davids autograph. For someone who was unwell the man looked remarkably good (Wish I looked as good as him when I was ill that's for sure!) I mentioned I had sat through the film twice and he seemed taken aback, then he noticed I had printed out my ticket and was getting that signed by everyone and was like ooh good idea. I have to admitt, it will NEVER so long as I live go on ebay. Actually its going to be framed.

I then managed to go and get Jane's autograph, she was after all the reason I managed to get my question. I said thank you and also congratulaed her on her engagement and mentioned how when I had read it on the site I had gone 'oh that's so wonderful!' in a rather high voice, She mentioned how when she found it in her stocking she was shocked, though there was a little more to the conversation than that. She then passed my ticket to John Lenic who was only over here in London, for three full days before jetting back to Canada, poor man is going to be sooo exhausted!

This was my first ever fan event. I have to say, I did initially think that they may not be as wonderful as they appear on screen as people. You manage to hear so much about how this or that actor or actress was mean, dismissive or whatever on a lot of the occassions that their fans have met them, but these guys were absolutely the opposite of that, they weren't professional meeters and greeters, they were far and away better than that. They were warm and sweet and personable. They were friendly to the point of feeling like you were among friends. That was what made the whole thing soo worthwhile. There were no barriers per se, just a lot of respect and admiration on ourside and wonderful people on their side. I am truely thankful for having had this oppertunity, it does however mean that I will be going to conventions. They look like soo much fun, and having been through an event, it seems that it could only get better.

I will now return you to your priorly arranged schedule

One fan girl signing out!


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