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 I am guessing I am just a little bit sensitive to certain words. I read a wonderful and eloquent LiveJournal entry by a friend of mine, that detailed her teen years. I won't go into details here, her story, is not my own. But walking down the street on Saturday I was strongly reminded of the entry.

I was in Sutton, the town I currently live in meeting up with my best friend (whom I think of as a little sister – there is a year between us, so for all intents and purposes entirely possible IMHO) and her dad. We had had a lovely afternoon of tea and conversation, and were walking down the main street of the town and there were a group of youths. Not one of them were over 24, they were there for some reason – but those reasons were rather obscure – I still don't know why they were there.

This gets long, but keep going. I hope it is worth the read! )
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I do not normally blog about politics, I avoid it like the plague really. However, this whole burn the Qu'ran thing is pathetic. When did two  wrongs ever make a right???

For example, do we tell the burglarized to burgle the burglar? Do we tell the murder victims family, to murder a member of the murderer's family. As they say and Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth and we would all be blind and  toothless. 

It is pathetic when so called intellegent people decide to exact revenge. They should take the christian high road (if they are , as the purport to be; christians) and do as Jesus taught and turn the other cheek.

And this is coming from a darned pagan. egads!

Also politics and religion never mix, didn't in the pilgrim fathers day hence the mass exodus, and it doesn't now. Only there is no where left to run. Start working towards a happy medium, your land has run out.


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