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Where on Earth do I sit on this one.

I suppose I was brought up to a degree pro-life, for the simple fact that my mother found abortion abhorent, as did my father. But she also supported it in circumstances where rape occurred, child rape resulted in conception, as well as rape itself and where the child once born woud never be able to survive and where having or carrying a child may lead to psychological issues which may place mother and child at harm. After these scenario's either having andkeeping orhaving and adopting were really the only options left, with strong emphasis on keeping. I believe this is becuse for the first 13 years of marriage my parents were trying to conceive.

These are arguments to this day I still mostly support, though I don't find abortion abohrent, and know that each person's circumstances are particular to them, and therefore the choice should be down to them. Something I do find particularly distasteful is abortion due to chronic illness or non life threatening disability. I find that when people say the child isn't going to be perfectly normal it would be better to get rid and start over that I feel angry. Yes in some circumstances, where pain and or retardation is concerned ok fair enough though the jury is out on Down's Syndrome for me, but when the disability is only physical, may be rectifyable and or only limiting in certain area's, I find it a little too convenient to abort a child.

I doubt I could actually go through and actually have an abortion outside of the circumstances above. I do as I say above recognise that in other people's lives other factors are in play, which is why I believe there should be a choice, but I know that most likely, even in my present circumstances, I would keep the child. If things were worse (Homelessness) I would likely give up for adoption.

In that case I would ask that my file kept unsealed, and a letterbe given to parents and left on file Stating that the child has never been unwanted by any person involved, just that I felt that whilst I was the right person to bring the child into the world, I would at that time not make the best mother and therefore allowed the child to be adopted by people who would be and that the child was at no point in time unwelcome in my life should they wish to find me.

The thing that really pisses me off is that there in certain places in the world and under certain religions a limit on birth control, a reliance on human will power not to have sex. This ehtos angers me the most since when has willpower ever been a human forte, especially in our teens, with all the crazy hormones. Real sex education is a must, we need to educate ourselves AND our children, allow free access to contraceptives and advice relating to it. Then maybe we will find abortion rates REALLY decline.

This post has come about because of reading some pro-life sites recently. I still don't know where I stand maybe I am a moderate pro-choice person?


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