Nov. 12th, 2010 04:56 pm
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Let me tell you a story 8 or 9 years ago I had a dentist - who happened to be going through a hell of a nasty divorce. (And by nasty I mean the guy took her to the cleaners girls and boys) I was a merry 20/21 year old at this point and marched in for a routine filling extraction and reseating (Happens a lot with metal fillings - I want ceramic replacements) So I sit in her chair and smile politely then comes the shocker (when I am laying back mouth open and half a ton of metal already seated in there) "I am going to take this filling out with out anaesthesia - you shouldn't feel a thing, raise a hand if it does.

BIG FRAKKING GULP INSERTED HERE. My eyebrows raise, anxiety goes through the roof and nausea starts - as does the drill. INSERT MORE GULPS.

She drills out a significant amount and then the inevitable happens and yowsers!!! I raise my hand, she ignores. I slap the arm rest then raise, by this point I am all but levitating here.

"Are you ok there?" She asks - and I swear to god the amount of profanity going through my head indicated that no I most certainly was not OK.

"No!!!! Pain! Please knock me out with a hammer - I'll take concussion over that!"

"Put your hand down - you felt no pain." And she is back, talking to the dental nurse about her a~"£$%"@ of a husband, whilst tears - real tears, are running down my face. She finally finishes the drilling and upon noticing my tears does she comfort me or apologise.


"Oh come on stop being so melodramatic." She gets the amalgum (The metal filling stuff) and begins stuffing it into the area. She seals it and sends me out. I blink at my mum and we leave. I don't have her again until my wisdom extractions (Yes, she anaesthatised me for that one) And I have had fillings done by someone else at the practice, but never with her again.

So why am I telling you this.

Well I have three small issues with my mouth (Four if you include that sometimes I run off at it and occassionally have verbal diahorrea - but that is neither here nor there)

1. I have TMJ - or at least I have every symptom for it - what this means is my jaw joint is screwed to hades and well that is never fun - PAIN

2. 3 maybe 4 months ago - probably longer - I had a filling drop out. And yes, boys and girls, it has taken THIS long to get that sorted out

3. My wisdom tooth has finally, finally made its full announcement to the world - aka it came through fully. Before now it was half occluded by gum and as such made it danged hard, if not impossible to clean it. Explains why it is half rotten then.

I need these fixed - I need it done soon. I am not in pain from my teeth - don't mean I want to go borrowing that trouble too. So I got brave. I lost my old dentist because I no longer had the money for the private dental insurance (Yes even in the UK we have health and dental insurances - don't act so surprised) And I have had to find a new dentist - I called one and I am kinda glad they don't take NHS patients cause they seemed a little up themselves, and the second I tried seemed young (Not too young) and very kind - bonus for me - I have an appointment to get everything sorted out on Tuesday.

Its also taken severe pain to the point of sobbing and screaming to get to this point. Says something - not sure what though ... Could you fill that blank?


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