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I jst got out of hospital

I have for the past five days been waking up to most of my hand having pins and needles then a dull version of them constantly. this was coupled with my wrist hurting in a way it don't normally hurt (I usually have a dull ache which i ignore.) Anyhow today it was far far wores so i went to hospital i couldn't take it.

Dr does all the tests after X-rays and says you have .... CARPAL TUNNEL and i say I have had pain in it for the past 6 YEARS, he says yup you've had mild before, its getting worse!!! there are 3 treatments

Smptoms which means pain killers every day until they don't effect me.

steroid injection to the medial nerve (the root of the problem) lasts 3 -4 months and it could make it worse.

or an operation, may cure it.

I hate apin killers the best of times and the last time i had an injection it made pain WORSE, FAR WORSE. so my option is the op and see where we go from there.

More detailed info follows;

i have two wrist with problems. My left wrist was operated on successfully (If I have spelt that wrongly I have dyslexia I am terribly sorry)for DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis and if you can actually pronounce this you are better person than I. I have barely any pain in my left wrist and it is usually when it is extremely cold that it manages to rear up at all.

However for the past 6 years I have had pain in my right wrist following an accident whereby the dr's thought I had broken my schaphoid bone (easily done), however following 3 x- ray films, one bone scan (done with nuclear isotopes to produce a picture of where the fracture is by calcium build-up) and an MRI (Magnetic resonance Imaging, I like having all the info to hand sry)they still couldn't find a broken bone so thhey wrote me off with it is soft tissue damage and traumatic arthritis, that was it.

Following 3 more accident (I am slightly accident prone) and the dr's still could see nothing wrong, nor why i was in some much pain. Can anyon here think that these dr's needed to go back to school. So now we get to this week, I am having the most unusual week, I have excessive pain minus an injury to my wrist whilst most of my hand is dead as a do-do and when i wake up it is nothing but the most painful pins and needles in most of my hand. at first I thought i had slept on it, but 5 days of a week I don't think so.

Anyhow I got sick of the pain, and went to hospital it was that kind of bad. I finally met a dr who could tell his backside from his elbow did 12 types of poking and proddings to the wrist which hurt but yeah well better that to know what is up through a little pain than to suffer it ayway and never know whats up. The dr told me what was wrong and explained what was going on and that it was the medial nerve being pressed upon by the fibrous tissue either side that they could excise some to reliev the pressure and fix it through surgery, which i admit I am leaning towards beause cortisone steroid injections and me usully leave me in more pain than starting with, or painkillers. i would rather not use them long term.

I do use aromatherapy and essential oils on it in massages which manage to eleivate the top notes of the pain, but not much else works. But I am finally thrilled I know why for the past six years I have been in pain and also how to sort it out a bit better than before!!!


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