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This all started five years ago. I got a bank account, an improperly set up one at that, something I was not to find out til later in this tale. And then being the dullard I was blew almost all of my overdraft. Then before I was out of university they said I was a graduate (I graduate in 07) I tried to remedy this, I got told not to bother it didn't matter nothing would change.

I wasn't told to do anything special and nor was I told to regularly credit the account. I hadn't been priorly, so I countined as normal as I had been told I could. The next thing I know is as of 18 months ago I was in debt management. I tried so many times it isn't even funny anymore to resolve the graduate issue on to be ignored. I tried to get this fixed, to put money in and alo resolve my misgivings.

At one poitn I was even advised to set up a plain account, no thrills or frills and put money in to be debited into this account so there was a reliable credit. I went to try and set it up and was advised not to do that, as I didn't need to. I would adore to meet the person who trained these advisors, just o I could throttle him whilst seeing his crown jewels repossessed. I am certian that that particular idea would have lead to the situatiopn never having occurred. And is now somethingI am goimg to be implementing.

Well it got to the point were in october £250 of my overdraft was withdrawn. I was then charged £25 for the pleasure and then charged at the rate of overdrawn in an unauthorised capacity. I went in I tried by giving evidence to debt management to prove that I was still a student. Well evidence hit the circular file faster than bird shit hits the pressed suits of grooms.

In late november it got even worse, I get another letter, and as I try to fix on the phone Iam told to got to branch to fix it, I do they take yet more copies of evidence letter and fax it off (though i never saw it and doubt now that it ever happened) I get 2 weeks of reprieve. Not Near enough.

I was sent a letter requesting my card and cheque books in itty pieces and sent within 7 days of the letter or field agents would be calling at my door and charging me £45 for the pleasure of their company. this is by now 1 and a half weeks into December. Who the fuck has the time to deal with banks in December!!!

I go into the bank the woman sounds as if she has solved it. She hasn't not only do they block my account but I find out on the 29th of December that not only was it blocked, all facilities were withdrawn and now they want the full whack of £1287.55 (yes I am even remembering the idiotic pence) it is at this point I am literally crapping myself as the prospect of court and possibly even baliffs coming adnd taking anything of mine worht selling is now a prospect and not one I want to think about.

I haven't the money for it. I sit and swear at the people there, I am crying, I am pulling my hair out and all they say is to come back in 2 hours time. I go to a seperate bank, I have been with them years and I try to get it fixed, but they had to call me to let me know if I were approved for a loan to fix the mess myself.

I go to bank and the guy i admit couldn't have been more helpful, he finally calls the underwriters himself, I think he was sure that evidence was going missing. He calls a guy called stuart and outlines the issues. right down to mismanagement of the case and also the improper set up of the account. He requires evidence of my student status (something he would have had, had the stuff actually been sent in the first place and a memo detailing it all.

Me and the bank advisor Dean sat and did this. At the time I remember thinking it was all pointless and given the past misdealings I was actually in my right mind to feel that way. I was told I would either get a call friday or most likely saturday. I didn't. I figured I would on the tuesday, when work started up. I didn't.

I couldn't wait. I went in, explained the situation and they said they had given him extra holiday. I went back today. Well I got some nice news. Not only did they admit culpability by reinstating my student status, but they also increased the overdraft limit (reinstated) to £1500. Ok so I will unlikely use it. but it does sorta show persistance will out. It did do my head in chronically though.

As for my account well, in all likelihood I won't touch it unless I absolutely must. And I have an account elsewhere that will on the first of each month debit money in to make sure there is a regular credit going in. I never wish to deal with such an event again.


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