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"Warning: Writing to Angela may result in sporfls and side ripping laughter when you realise that; though she wrote a word one way, she means its opposite, but similar sounding word brother. Bed pans are available on request; for times when pissing oneself may prove to be too difficult to not do, due to excessive laughter!"

And for any BSG fan lurking on my journal - yep go for it friend away - I am likely to friend you right back

Also ... A frakking pigeon, Kara Thrace, did not make!!!

Angela's end of year report

Socialisation : Angela plays well with others and holds her tongue. She can seem aloof or goofy at times, but this adds to a unique personality one that fits in in most social climbs.

School work: Angela has a penchant for over analysising the future and forgettig the now. Whilst this makes her work planned and mthodical, her personal lifee can be a little stressed from time to time.

Extra Curricular Activities: Whilst this girl was never the cheerleader her extra curricular activities have garnered her with friends and knowledge.

Over all comment: Angela has done well this year to creat a stable personality and is looking forward to her future endeavours, her greatest strengths lie in humour and in compassion her weakness is letting the little things get her down whilst blatently ignoring the big bad of the season.

Addendum: She still appreciates Buffy: The Vampire Slayer's thid season if only for the fact that Joss Wheedon did to a high school what her fantasies had always been and therfore each time she sees the school exploding lives the moment vicariously and discovers ever increasing depths of catharsis in the ruins.

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