Apr. 2nd, 2011

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Apr. 2nd, 2011 09:34 pm
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Since the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] sci_fi_shipper linked to a test and said oh this is eerily accurate I thought, well it is a psych test, lets see. I went through the test and that is the wackiest tests, and I would love to know how that works.

Here are my results.

Fond of tradition, but attached more to the joy of human interaction, you are often a beacon of hope to those members of society who have lost faith or who are in need of succor. You are often emotional, and this emotionality is rarely held in check. Kind and helping by nature, when affronted you will explode, and just as suddenly when the pain has passed return to normalcy again. On occasion this quick and vibrant emotionality is translated into a life on the stage or screen. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, but can sometimes be left confused and uncertain in times of stress or when tough decisions must be made. You avoid conflict, tending to stay out of trouble in hopes that the group will benefit most from this behavior. Because you have trouble putting your own needs first, you will be put in much stress if you find yourself in an unequal relationship, one in which your partner is not as giving as you are.

Here is the link to the test; http://www.hypnoid.com/psytest2.html


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